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I have been working with individuals, couples, families and groups for over 60 years beginning in College at 17 as a therapeutic big brother for a seriously troubled teenager  under the supervision of George Perkins, M.D. chief psychiatrist of the Orthogenic School in Chicago. 

Barnett J. Weiss, MA, LCSW , (BudCertified Advanced Trainer in the "Nurtured Heart Approach" ® http://www.childrenssuccessfoundation.com/

Buteyko Educator since 1995
E-mail: ButeykoNYC@gmail.com
Voice mail and Fax: (800) 530-9133
Web site : www.ButeykoNYC.com

The perfect man breathes as if he is not breathing" - Lao-Tzu (circa 4th century BC) Breathing is the foundation of life, and good breathing is the foundation of good health. Improve your health by improving and retraining your breathing with the principles of the Buteyko Method. 

Associate Director of Psychodrama, NY State Department of Education from J. L. Moreno, M.D. and Zerka Moreno, August ​1968, Beacon, NY; 

Director of Psychodrama, New York Moreno Psychodrama Theater, NYC September 1968-September 1970

In addition to spending an entire week learning directly from Milton H. Erickson MD at his home in Phoenix Arizona in 1979,  I also trained with several of the leading teachers of the approach to hypnosis of Milton H. Erickson, MD and served as seminar director of NYSEPH in the 1970s. I was also certified through the two main courses of Bill O'Hanlon having to do with the applications of  Erickson's approaches to therapy. 

Certified in NLP by originators, Bandler and Grinder, California 1979

Completed full set of EMDR courses with​ Originator Francine Shapiro, New York, 1992

Certified ​by Elliott Connie and  BRIEF International in Solution focused Brief Therapy ( SFBT)

DISCLAIMER: The ideas and research provided by myself are for information and education purposes only. Individuals wishing to make changes to their dietary, lifestyle, exercise or medication regimens should do so in conjunction with a competent, knowledgeable and empathetic medical professional. Anyone who chooses to apply the ideas and research provided by myself does so of their own volition and their own risk. I cannot take responsibility or liability whatsoever for any harm from the use or dissemination of information provided. Your health is in your own hands.

In addition, I'm neither a lawyer nor medical physician.  It should not be construed from any materials I distribute that I'm dispensing legal or medical advice.


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